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AS LOW AS $99 Per Month For Braces
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Life With Braces

Life With Braces

So, you are sporting brand new braces. The next step is understanding how to take care of them. Here are a few key things to know. 

Eating With Braces

For most patients, the hardest part of wearing braces is changing the way they eat. Certain foods can damage your braces, which means they are off limits until your treatment is complete. So, what should you steer clear of?

Foods to AVOID while wearing braces:

  • Chewy foods – like bagels or licorice
  • Crunchy foods – like popcorn or chips
  • Sticky foods – like caramel candies or chewing gum
  • Hard foods – like nuts or hard candies
  • Foods the require biting into – like corn on the cob or apples

What can you eat? More than you might think.

Loose Teeth

Something people don’t really talk about with braces treatment is how the teeth must become loose in order to move them. It is logical once you think about it; how else can the teeth be moved to new locations? Still, feeling them wiggle can be worrying. Just know that they won’t fall out and they will stop wiggling once they firm up in their new locations.

Caring For Your Appliances

Damaged appliances do not function correctly. When you damage your appliance, you automatically extend your time in treatment. Follow all directions given by the doctor and call us if you notice anything wrong. We want you to get the best results from your braces.

Playing Sports With Braces

If you are an athlete, we have great news. You can keep playing sports while in treatment. All you need is a special mouthguard that protects both the teeth and your appliance. Let us know if you play sports and we will make this for you.

We want to answer all your questions about life with braces. Don’t hesitate to ask.